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Lo Zecchino d'Oro Lan audio Lanaudio news magazine sound service Italy

Lo Zecchino d’Oro

Low profile, high definition, very high satisfaction ... Of all, technicians and singers and viewers! Backstage chose the new WLP2 LAN wedge monitors because of the acoustic response and design, making them the ideal choice in the television environment. The coverage of the position of the singers was also ensured at low energy levels, guaranteeing the correct involvement of the…

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Auditorium BNL Lan audio Lanaudio news magazine sound service Italy

Auditorium BNL

AUDITORIUM new headquarters of BNL Roma Capitale Via dello scalo Tiburtino.A truly prestigious venue with a welcoming, multifunctional and multimedia auditorium inside, characterized by the extreme simplicity of converting the intended use, from a convention venue, to a container for musical events and a movie projection room. The high definition sound reinforcement system consists of three clusters (L, C, R)…

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Turin Book Fair 2015

LAN High Definition on podium at the Turin Book Fair Also for the year 2015, one of the most spacious rooms of this important event saw the presence of the highest authorities of the State and the authors of mainsails relevance.The lectures and presentations were held in a non-acoustically favourable environment, with the imperative of having to ensure optimum intelligibility,…

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Choir and orchestra

A very special event for choir and orchestra in Meppel (NL) Managed with a very unusual and truly effective sound reinforcement system, able to ensure maximum definition and axial coverage for the event hosted in a location absolutely unusual, with a part of audiences with medium depth front podium and a part completely shifted to side of it, with a…

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Hillsong London lanaudio sound

Hillsong London

LA N…ews in the drawer! There was a great expectation for the performance of "Hillsong London" which culminated in a lovely evening at Palaruffini of Turin (Italy)The sound system was composed of 6 LANarray210 and six sub L300 LAN side, and ensured full coverage of the parterre and the sections of the stands reserved for the public, while directly behind…

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SantaKlaus Lanaudio sound


The motor city of the Netherlands, Assen, has another national event which is the biggest of its kind in Holland, the “Welcome of Santa Klaus”.ESP had several stages in the city, in wich the main stage was ran by 5 LANarray210 and 2 SB118S, 2 SB118, 4 L300 sub each side, WLP1, WLP2 and ST646 monitors on stage.Thousands of children and…

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Offanengo (Italy)

The new structure has been designed to be truly multi-purpose, container for indoor activities for the youth groups of Offanengo (CR) Italy, theater hall for performances of all kinds, conference and concert hall, thanks to high power and high definition LAN system , that consists of four speakers NP7 intended to cover the stalls, and two for the delay for…

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Alfa College opening lan audio sound lanaudio

Alfa College opening

ESP Netherland technically led the two-day event, held on the occasion of Alfa College opening at Boulevard Bouma in Groningen (The Netherlands). The quality of sound, lights and video was beyond the expectations of the proud organization.For the opening conference were used LAN NP7 in horizontal position, with the support of LAN LH10 for the far sides. During the workshops…

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CLUB N15 lanaudio sound


Large areas well air-conditioned and well lit during the day and in the evenings, to provide maximum comfort in times of training and relaxation, with the assistance of experienced teachers. Here LAN is providing the necessary acoustic comfort both in the main hall, with models NP5-16 for sound reinforcement, and support video offered to athletes, both in secondary rooms dedicated…

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Romanian Pentecostal Churches in Turin lan audio sound

Romanian Pentecostal Churches in Turin

June 15 to 16 Pala Tazzoli (Turin)"The high definition LAN is once again decisive"Conference of the Romanian Pentecostal Churches in TurinDespite the ice rink Tazzoli reverberant field is characterized by a rich and extensive, and can be definitely considered unsuitable to host events other than sports, the system LANarray210, thanks to the now well-recognized qualities of consistency and transparency, has…

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