Auditorium BNL

Auditorium BNL Lan audio Lanaudio news magazine sound service Italy

AUDITORIUM new headquarters of BNL Roma Capitale Via dello scalo Tiburtino.A truly prestigious venue with a welcoming, multifunctional and multimedia auditorium inside, characterized by the extreme simplicity of converting the intended use, from a convention venue, to a container for musical events and a movie projection room.

The high definition sound reinforcement system consists of three clusters (L, C, R) made up of two LAN NP7 speakers each and two SB302 LAN sub-units high above the area podium, while two LAN NP7 represent the delay system for the second part of the auditorium.

Two LAN LN3 loudspeakers are intended for the acoustic coverage of the first row of seats arranged immediately in front of the podium.

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