Offanengo (Italy)

The new structure has been designed to be truly multi-purpose, container for indoor activities for the youth groups of Offanengo (CR) Italy, theater hall for performances of all kinds, conference and concert hall, thanks to high power and high definition LAN system , that consists of four speakers NP7 intended to cover the stalls, and two for the delay for the balcony, as well as by two sub LAN SB118. The entire system is able to provide a considerable energy with the best even distribution per area unit, ensuring a comfortable listening and uncompromised quality of sound and speech. The stage monitoring is given by two LAN NP5 speakers, positioned to the side of the collection of the curtain.

A comment from the company Music System Sound, who took care of the project and the installation:

“I really wanted to congratulate with you for the great availability paid in carrying out the project. The organization remained more than satisfied about the sound system, so small (but powerful) that almost everyone who comes into the room did not even notice! The design and the ability to have the speaker of the RAL finish you want is a major point in favor of a compliant application in environments where aesthetics also wants its share.
Thanks to you all, next so!!!”

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