Romanian Pentecostal Churches in Turin

Romanian Pentecostal Churches in Turin lan audio sound

June 15 to 16 Pala Tazzoli (Turin)

“The high definition LAN is once again decisive”

Conference of the Romanian Pentecostal Churches in Turin

Despite the ice rink Tazzoli reverberant field is characterized by a rich and extensive, and can be definitely considered unsuitable to host events other than sports, the system LANarray210, thanks to the now well-recognized qualities of consistency and transparency, has resulted in an excellent intelligibility in every type of place it is expected in the audience, where the seats were limited in compliance with the provisions of security, both in the stands side and front.

The chorus of 200 members, who occupied the bleachers behind the podium, it was taken up by four microphones Neumann KM 184, four Neumann KM 185, and monitored by four speakers on the sides of LH10 stands

The speakers, musicians and singers who took turns on the podium were able to rely on the monitoring system consists of two LH12 places like Sidefill, and wedge monitors ST 646. By these means it was possible to effectively counter the residual energy reflected from the huge windows located on the bottom and the outer boundary of the track, now free of ice, but not transparent structures of delimitation of the field of play
The speakers for low frequency, positioned at the foot of Lanarray, after careful evaluation, were arranged maintaining a space between them, thus obtaining, in this particular location, an acoustic result really accurate, powerful, and never intrusive. Absolutely exemplary performance, the technical difficulty of the proposed pieces for the pitch and discipline of all the singers and musicians

Technical details of the event

14 LANarray 210 (seven for side)

6 Infrabass LAN 18″ L300 (three for side)

System manager LAKE LM26
Amplifiers LAB Gruppen

Monitoring podium
5 Wedge ST646
2 Sidefill LH 12

Amplifiers LAB Gruppen

Directed by
(Midas I/O DL 451- DL431)

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