Flatty System

Wall Speaker

flatty patented
Flatty, is a professional multifunctional bluetooth sound system, completely hidden in an artistic framework that you can customize with the logo/image you prefer.
The image you choose is easily interchangeable, you can renew it many times you want.
In your bar, office, home, boing self powered and rechargeable, you’ve only to hang it up to enjoy your music with no need of any type of wire and calbles.
Thanks to the internal sound absorber material, you’re helped to control your room reverb.
The rear panel is equipped with a LED strip, that allow you to softly illuminate the wall. 
Flatty is also available in no-powered version, with external professional amplifier controlled via a touch screen, this version is optimized for medium-large installation where you need to send music to more then 2 flatty at the same time.