Alfa College opening

Alfa College opening lan audio sound lanaudio

ESP Netherland technically led the two-day event, held on the occasion of Alfa College opening at Boulevard Bouma in Groningen (The Netherlands). The quality of sound, lights and video was beyond the expectations of the proud organization.
For the opening conference were used LAN NP7 in horizontal position, with the support of LAN LH10 for the far sides.

During the workshops DJs and live events, D540 sets have been used as a DJ’s sidefill. The renowned DJ Nasty was so surprised by the excellent quality, which has also embraced the D540 several times during the live show and stated: “I really like this sound, I will certainly consider the LAN to other event organizers!!!”
For the LiveShow were used three LANarray210 and two SB118(S) for each side.Read 4525 times

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