SantaKlaus Lanaudio sound

The motor city of the Netherlands, Assen, has another national event which is the biggest of its kind in Holland, the “Welcome of Santa Klaus”.
ESP had several stages in the city, in wich the main stage was ran by 5 LANarray210 and 2 SB118S, 2 SB118, 4 L300 sub each side, WLP1, WLP2 and ST646 monitors on stage.
Thousands of children and parents enjoyed the live performance of the ESP “Pieten-band”.
This square is within the city centre with shops all over the place.
Since LAN was introduced there were no more problems with the sound towards the shops.

On the market were used LAN LH10 for the audience of a dance school.
At the Marsdijk shopping centre 2 LH12 and 1 SB115 each side were used.
About 1.500 children and parents were present and enjoyed the event.
During the 2 weeks till December 5th they put their shoes with food for Santa’s reindeers around the chimney or front door, and Santa Klaus is expected to put presents or candy in it.
In the parade 2 special trailers were provided with 2 LAN NP7 and 2 LAN LH10 speakers.
It is said that LAN rules Assen now…

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