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FR212-A & SB302-A

We are pleased to present the first "hybrid" LAN system.Composed by two loudspeakers, the FR212-A and the SB302-A sub, can be drived with internal active system, both passively with external amplifier and processor, or Bi-AMPED(FR212).Each speaker has particular preset that change the acoustic response. The LAN  FR212-A consists in two high-performance 12" loudspeakers with aluminum demodulation rings and a 3" driver with titanium diaphragm coupled with a robust…

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LN3 + SB112

The LAN LN3 model can work in fullrange mode, guaranteeing smoothness and power along the entire passband, while by combining it with the new SB112 sub, an even more performing system is obtained, guaranteeing considerable range while maintaining very small dimensions. The 10mm receptors allow the speaker to be mounted in any position at the user's discretion, by means of…

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LAN SB604 2×18

The new Sub SB604 joins our Hi Density SUB family maintaining the proverbial high characteristics as regards linearity of the acoustic response in the entire passband and ensuring a considerable operational possibility in the "thrust" region, determined by the precise coupling of two 18 "with Tetracoil TM technology. The limited axial sensitivity, typical of these high-performance "motors", compensates for the…

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Cernobbio 2015


LAN audio systems were chosen for the elite Ambrosetti Forum 2015 held at the historic Villa D'Este on Lake Como, where LAN provided both sound reinforcement in the main hall and monitoring for guests during the television broadcast presented by Bruno Vespa, host of the respected Italian RAI network journalistic series "Porta a Porta" (Door to Door).The characteristics of these…

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CONAMARA PUB - PADOVA - Italy Lan audio Lanaudio news magazine sound service Italy


Conamara PUB chose LAN Audio system!The PA system for live events is composed by 2 LH10 and 1 sub SB115-S, coverage for the second part of the live room is ensured by 4 full-range LAN NP1.This system is the best choice for all live music venues where you want to contain the physical dimensions, without losing the high audio quality…

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DieciHP - Sestriere- Italy Lan audio Lanaudio news magazine sound service Italy

DieciHP – Sestriere- Italy

The sound of this stylish pub has been produced with the well known LAN NP1 speakers.The thought aroused by this small tool during demonstrations is always: "where is the sub? What makes such a small speaker play so well?". (No kidding, it is always the case).The quality and depth of the sound always leave the listeners amazed from the very first time.This product…

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Lo Zecchino d'Oro Lan audio Lanaudio news magazine sound service Italy

Lo Zecchino d’Oro

Low profile, high definition, very high satisfaction ... Of all, technicians and singers and viewers! Backstage chose the new WLP2 LAN wedge monitors because of the acoustic response and design, making them the ideal choice in the television environment. The coverage of the position of the singers was also ensured at low energy levels, guaranteeing the correct involvement of the…

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Samsung show-room a Milano Lan audio Lanaudio news magazine sound service Italy

Samsung show-room a Milano

The LAN systems were chosen for the new headquarters of the Samsung building in Milan.The new LAN LN1CW were installed in the Smart Home showroom, hidden by the translucent sheets that finish the seats of the luminous bodies. In the Conference area, on the other hand, six NP7 LANs were chosen, positioned between the screens and a suspended SB302 sub…

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Auditorium BNL Lan audio Lanaudio news magazine sound service Italy

Auditorium BNL

AUDITORIUM new headquarters of BNL Roma Capitale Via dello scalo Tiburtino.A truly prestigious venue with a welcoming, multifunctional and multimedia auditorium inside, characterized by the extreme simplicity of converting the intended use, from a convention venue, to a container for musical events and a movie projection room. The high definition sound reinforcement system consists of three clusters (L, C, R)…

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Turin Book Fair 2015

LAN High Definition on podium at the Turin Book Fair Also for the year 2015, one of the most spacious rooms of this important event saw the presence of the highest authorities of the State and the authors of mainsails relevance.The lectures and presentations were held in a non-acoustically favourable environment, with the imperative of having to ensure optimum intelligibility,…

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