LN3 + SB112

The LAN LN3 model can work in fullrange mode, guaranteeing smoothness and power along the entire passband, while by combining it with the new SB112 sub, an even more performing system is obtained, guaranteeing considerable range while maintaining very small dimensions. The 10mm receptors allow the speaker to be mounted in any position at the user’s discretion, by means of a special bracket or directly anchored to the trusses by means of standard brackets.

Created to be a valid tool for daily work while maintaining low weight and volume, the SB112 sub provides precision in restoring the low frequencies of all sub LANs. As always, the components are of high quality, in this case the 12 “used is in neodymium, with particular measures to reduce power compression and distortions.

The systems can be composed of two / four LN3s and one / two SB112 subs, for a committed power of 2180 / 4400W. Ideal for:

•  Musical groups

• Choral and folk groups

• Theater companies

• Piano bar

• Soloists

• Schools

• Associations

• Congress centers

• Exhibition stands

• Dj set

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