FR212-A & SB302-A

We are pleased to present the first “hybrid” LAN system.
Composed by two loudspeakers, the FR212-A and the SB302-A sub, can be drived with internal active system, both passively with external amplifier and processor, or Bi-AMPED(FR212).
Each speaker has particular preset that change the acoustic response.

The LAN  FR212-A consists in two high-performance 12″ loudspeakers with aluminum demodulation rings and a 3″ driver with titanium diaphragm coupled with a robust aluminum horn. A perfect handles position make it easy to transport and build the stacks. With its wide feature it can be used either with PA main stack or hanged using 3 suspension points, with or without Sub Woofer, or as drumfill And sidefill of high performance.
SB302-A Sub is the self powered version of sub SB302 model, hosting the “Tetracoil TM” loudspeaker technology.
 to provide high SPL values producing a ​​very low power compression, to perform their.
Able to operate in adverse environmental conditions due to the particular treatment of both faces of the cone. The axial sensivity, typical of these “high-performance engines” give us the possibility of continuous drive without blurring even in critical loading conditions.
provided with 4 preset to allow every kind of Sub you need, Standard, Cardioid, infrabass, Max punch.


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