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Turin Book Fair 2015

LAN High Definition on podium at the Turin Book Fair Also for the year 2015, one of the most spacious rooms of this important event saw the presence of the highest authorities of the State and the authors of mainsails relevance.The lectures and presentations were held in a non-acoustically favourable environment, with the imperative of having to ensure optimum intelligibility,…

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Romanian Pentecostal Churches in Turin lan audio sound

Romanian Pentecostal Churches in Turin

June 15 to 16 Pala Tazzoli (Turin)"The high definition LAN is once again decisive"Conference of the Romanian Pentecostal Churches in TurinDespite the ice rink Tazzoli reverberant field is characterized by a rich and extensive, and can be definitely considered unsuitable to host events other than sports, the system LANarray210, thanks to the now well-recognized qualities of consistency and transparency, has…

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