Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica ADI

Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica ADI LANAUDIO SOUND

The new hall of worship located in the marvelous complex of the Christian Evangelical Church of Naples. Pastor Stephen D’Alessandro, with its talented employees, has welcomed to the people and to the many guests during an evening enriched by the interventions by the various speakers and accompanied by the great choir composed for the occasion, and the Local Group of praise, young people.Particular attention was paid to control the reverberant field, the selection and installation of sound reinforcement system, consisting of high-definition speakers LAN LH10M5L15 subwoofer, offering improved comfort and better intelligibility every order of seats, while ensuring an audio-video link with the great room located on the lower floor through special matrix.The digital manager allows you to split and operate independently of the various acoustical zones: main area into two sections, balcony upper and under balconies in two sections below, in addition to monitoring the podium, with wedge ST646. As we used to do as company, for the full respect of the architectural design and the specific request, all speakers werewere provided with wood finish, protected by transparent resins and natural satin finish.

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