Arca Azzurra

This is the name of the Company, directed by Ugo Chiti, playwright, director and screenwriter and accomplished this year’s 25 years of activity. A thought of our products:”We bought the first LAN cabinets almost 10 years ago. The need we had was to have big performance but small in size so you can easily hide. The Company, over their normal tour, almost every year organizes traveling shows , which implies the need to sonorize, in addition to large theaters, most ‘places with very different characteristics, often with audiences who are between 2 and 5 meters from the speakers. Today we have in stock LH10 , LAN M5 and 2 brand new LAN NP1, all of which can travel with confidence, including the amplifiers, in the little car as baggage or, as I did last month, when the M5 and 2 LAN 2 LAN NP1 have divided up the suitcase with the clothes.  

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