LAN presents LN1

LAN presents LN1 Lan audio Lanaudio news magazine sound service Italy

It’s currently the most compact model of our series dedicated to professional use: the LN1.

The precisely engineered size of the LN1 is just 12x20x11 cm, weighing only 2.2 kg, making it the ideal choice for exhibitions, conference rooms, installations in showrooms and shops, hidden monitoring, and sound reinforcement demanding quality, versatility and low visual impact.

With it’s 80W capacity, high quality output, and large bandwidth with an impedance of 4 Ohms or 16, the LN1 provides a powerful option which is easy to install in locations like pubs, restaurants. The LN1 is perfect for creating an enviable 5.1 Home theater system!

The LN1 cabinet is designed to accept various anchoring systems and is provided with a U-shaped bracket for ceiling or wall mount or easily clamp clamp on a truss.

It’s available also in a special version, the LN1CW, which developed specifically for design installations.

Like all products in the LAN catalog, the LN1 speaker is available in any color chosen by the customer

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