Vercelli Stadium 2014

Vercelli Stadium Lanaudio Sound

That’s a real special application!

Decisive match for the class switching of the local club, packed grandstands, with the technical requirement to distribute power from a single point located at the building adjacent to the grandstand, at one of the corners of the field.
On this occasion the three stack LANarray 210 supported by two LANs SB21H-A, worked side by side with angles between them that they would cringe other systems with which it would have been simply impossible to get a good result as that obtained today; not difficult, impossible.
Only well-designed systems, free from constraints aids that would be necessary to manage exasperating operations on the electronic management, can overcome such evidence.
LAN totally free from this stress …
Installation in few minutes, standard presets and away!
Everybody happy at an unbeatable price, if you please.

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