EnerCup Sport Show 2013

EnerCup Sport Show 2013 LAN AUDIO SOUND

“The sound was great!”

This was the enthusiastic comment on LANarray210 at first “Enercup.eu Sport Show” in Netherland. Despite the room was very bad for an optimal sound ( concrete walls, metal roof, plastic black screen, resulting in a lot of sound reflections, ), the music program and the voice was clean and very good to be listen.

The local organisation, the “International Body Building Foundation” and NOC-NSF (Dutch Olympic Sport Federation) were very happy regard the light-sound service and the LAN sound, stating that the next edition will be hosted in a bigger structure.

  • LANarray210
  • sub: LAN SB118/118S
  • wedge monitor LAN WLP1
  • system manager: LAKE LM26
  • amplifiers: LABGruppen FP10.000
  • amplifiers: KIND DD+5000 (subwoofers)
  • consolle: Midas Venice U32

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