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Dario Cellamaro live in Melzo

Dario Cellamaro live in Melzo

In the Theatre Trivulzio Melzo (MI), took place the concert of Dario Cellamaro swingsuite quintet a talented drummer and composer, with the cooperation of: piano Stefano Caniato, Stefano Dall'Ora on bass and double bass, Emilio Soana on trumpet and flugelhorn, Danilo Moccia on trombone. The evening, excellently organized by artistic director and head of programming, Francesco Ferrari, was recorded live in a vision of a project that will come out next…

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LAN presents LN1 Lan audio Lanaudio news magazine sound service Italy

LAN presents LN1

It's currently the most compact model of our series dedicated to professional use: the LN1. The precisely engineered size of the LN1 is just 12x20x11 cm, weighing only 2.2 kg, making it the ideal choice for exhibitions, conference rooms, installations in showrooms and shops, hidden monitoring, and sound reinforcement demanding quality, versatility and low visual impact. With it's 80W capacity,…

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L:SA social media Lan audio Lanaudio news magazine sound service Italy

L:SA social media

Condè Nast (AD, Vanity Fair, GQ, Vogue Italia, Glamour, WIRED, Condè Nast Traveller, La Cucina Italiana) launches L:SA, the first Premium Social Media dedicated to the smart millenials at the Piccolo Teatro Strehler in Milan with a show full of guests.The event curated by On Air event (Pozzato Marco) with P. A. provided by Dosio Music (Maurizio Dosio), saw as musical…

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LAN WLP1-A is a low profile monitor Lanaudio Sound

WLP1 – A

LAN WLP1-A  is a low profile monitor that thanks to its low weight and accurate positioning of the side handles make it an elegant and easily transportable product. It has an additional handle on the lower face that allows you to bring 2 boxes at the same time. Like any LAN product, it has a signal / power connection on both…

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MiR: Music inside Rimini Lan audio Lanaudio news magazine sound service Italy

MiR: Music inside Rimini

We waiting  you in Rimini! MIR 2018 - Music Inside Rimini - from 6th to 8th May 2018, the event has become an unmissable appointment for professional user, will host live events and studios action, for major information visit: https: //www.musicinsiderimini.it/ We will be present at Hall C5 stand 007 with our models and the latest news and some surprises...

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Rome Fair 2014

LANarray210 at New Fair of Rome An important event was handled successfully by the use of LANarray210 systems.Although the rooms volume was of considerable extent, with the consequent wealth of reverberant field and the clusters, for aesthetic reasons, have been suspended at a considerable height from the ground, it was guaranteed to the many participants an excellent intelligibility of the…

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Vercelli Stadium Lanaudio Sound

Vercelli Stadium 2014

That's a real special application! Decisive match for the class switching of the local club, packed grandstands, with the technical requirement to distribute power from a single point located at the building adjacent to the grandstand, at one of the corners of the field.On this occasion the three stack LANarray 210 supported by two LANs SB21H-A, worked side by side…

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EnerCup Sport Show 2013 LAN AUDIO SOUND

EnerCup Sport Show 2013

"The sound was great!” This was the enthusiastic comment on LANarray210 at first “Enercup.eu Sport Show” in Netherland. Despite the room was very bad for an optimal sound ( concrete walls, metal roof, plastic black screen, resulting in a lot of sound reflections, ), the music program and the voice was clean and very good to be listen. The local…

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Record performance for the LAN SB21H sub, supporting the well known and appreciated LANarray210 system, on the occasion of a complex festival even with the use of a limited number of box.Free space at 360 degrees around, need to cover both the first acoustic space under the stage and ensuring a very long throw (over 120m of free field). SPerformance…

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JazzReFound Festival 2013 LAN AUDIO SOUND

JazzReFound Festival 2013

Vercelli (Italy) helds the prestigious event of international level, with the participation of artists from different parts of globe, and supported by major partners. LAN was present at the Corner 6.6, which houses the main events, in the specific context of the former industrial area, providing the needed sound pressure with high definition also in this resonant environment. SETUP: 8…

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