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O Italia del mio cuore

High level musical event organized by the Bank of Versilia, Lunigiana and Garfagnana, with the collaboration of Pietrasanta Community, with the participation of the choir of children "live voices" of Maestro Viviana Apicella, and the fanfare of Bersaglieri di Montevarchi of "Under the Direction of M. Marco Balderi, the "Teatro dei suoni" simphonic orchestra, the M. Raffaele Puccianti "Harmonia cantata" choir of Florence, and the…

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Gospel House

A modern and well-organized structure that hosts many important events, as well as being a community building truly exemplary and well managed.

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Branduardi in Vercelli

With the majestic backdrop of the St. Andrew Chatedral, in Vercelli, the Camerata Ducale has masterfully presented the famous fairy tale by Sergei Procof'ev Peter and the Wolf. Exceptional narrator Angelo Branduardi, who at the end of the evening, sang some of his most popular songs.The technical structure, consisting of 12 loudspeakers high definition LAN LH12 and 6 speaker for low-frequency LAN L300, in…

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Befed di Savigliano LAN AUDIO SOUND

Befed di Savigliano

A new restaurant BEFeD chain in Savigliano (CN) provided of high definition LAN speakers to support peaceful and pleasant evening between home made beer, flame rosted chickens and friends.Support for any musical activity with 12 speakers LAN NP7 finished in natural wood with copper grids, 4 LAN L15 subwoofer hidden in the ceiling with appropriate support frames.

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Keller Platz

Great nights at Keller Platz Prato (PO) A rich program of great music, cabaret, disco (live!), Challenges, tournaments and much more, with great food. This offers the largest brewery in Tuscany, as well as hosting competitions, theme parties and, on Wednesday, also great cinemas.All the activities was supported byNa powerful system with 8 high definition speakers LAN LH12 and 4 L300 sub with a…

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Inaugurazione della galleria BEFED LANAUDIO SOUND

Inaugurazione della galleria BEFED

45 ° NORTH Moncalieri (TO) Entertaintment center.The Company of the Beer with a big party opened the gallery, the second BEFeD Point of Piedmont, after that of Settimo Torinese.The 44 LAN M5 speakers have been specially finishes for all technical needs and matching colors, as well as the 4 sub woofer LAN L15, carefully positioned to ensure the most efficient and uniform coverage at…

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Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica ADI LANAUDIO SOUND

Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica ADI

The new hall of worship located in the marvelous complex of the Christian Evangelical Church of Naples. Pastor Stephen D'Alessandro, with its talented employees, has welcomed to the people and to the many guests during an evening enriched by the interventions by the various speakers and accompanied by the great choir composed for the occasion, and the Local Group of praise, young…

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Arca Azzurra

This is the name of the Company, directed by Ugo Chiti, playwright, director and screenwriter and accomplished this year's 25 years of activity. A thought of our products:"We bought the first LAN cabinets almost 10 years ago. The need we had was to have big performance but small in size so you can easily hide. The Company, over their normal tour, almost every year…

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JAZZREFOUND avant-garde music festival

JAZZREFOUND avant-garde music festival

The artists that have performed during the entire event has attracted the attention of those present with a variety of instruments and arrangements, in which the voice becomes an instrument, and the results are very interesting and enjoyable.Great pressures and definition provided by the LAN sound reinforcement system, and a precise and no compromise monitoring which made easy the work of the…

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International book fair Torino Lanaudio Sound

International book fair Torino

In this edition too, LAN has contributed for the success of the events that took place throughout the duration of the fair, at the great "Yellow Room" with concerts, debates, video screenings, and, finally, during the presentation of the Book of the singer and songwriter ELISA.The system, provided with the proverbial precision and diligence byProfessional Congress & Sound, driven by a beautiful MIDAS…

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