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Befed di Savigliano LAN AUDIO SOUND

Befed di Savigliano

A new restaurant BEFeD chain in Savigliano (CN) provided of high definition LAN speakers to support peaceful and pleasant evening between home made beer, flame rosted chickens and friends.Support for any musical activity with 12 speakers LAN NP7 finished in natural wood with copper grids, 4 LAN L15 subwoofer hidden in the ceiling with appropriate support frames.

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Inaugurazione della galleria BEFED LANAUDIO SOUND

Inaugurazione della galleria BEFED

45 ° NORTH Moncalieri (TO) Entertaintment center.The Company of the Beer with a big party opened the gallery, the second BEFeD Point of Piedmont, after that of Settimo Torinese.The 44 LAN M5 speakers have been specially finishes for all technical needs and matching colors, as well as the 4 sub woofer LAN L15, carefully positioned to ensure the most efficient and uniform coverage at…

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