Flatty System

Wall Speaker

The LAN multifunctional wall speaker (patented)

Innovative and functional sound diffusion system.

It combines numerous functions in a single product, constituting an advantageous furnishing accessory.

• sounds great with 80w of full range power even completely independent from external power supply or other wire connection
• it can architecturally illuminate the underlying wall creating a pleasant light frame
• provides an excellent contribution to the absorption of the room’s reverberant field
• shows your favorite print, interchangeable with a very simple operation
• receives the audio signal via a line connection or more simply via Bluetooth from you phone or computer
• available in horizontal or vertical version, the vertical version can be normal or slim (narrow)
• available in passive version for connection to external centralized amplifier for new building
• available in active version with all on board, Bluetooth receiver, amplifier and DSP

You need only to hang it on the wall in few minutes!

• bandwidth 70Hz-18kHz
• long time run, rechargeable battery available
• available in various size for both horizontal and vertical positioning

Anyone can enjoy it with satisfaction!

•At home, in the office, in a bar, in a waiting room, in a restaurant, in an exhibition…. And so on !!!
•Great to complete the furnishing of the living spaces of boats and yachts also for room acoustics control
•You will be able to watch a good movie and listen to the audio of your two beautiful favorite paintings hanging on the side of the TV, and with the dedicated sub it becomes an even more complete and powerful system, even in a 5 + 1 configuration.
•You can relax listening to your favorite music or the news program with no Loudspeaker visibile in the room
•Your children can fall asleep to a story recorded with your voice and also enjoy the atmosphere created by the dim light of the frame.

Only the imagination is the limit of its applications!!!